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Since the moment he had chosen to become Her knight, Tohno had walked in the darkness. When his eyes had grown too strong for his glasses, the darkness had become literal, rather than metaphorical. His sight was lost to him, only used as a means for killing. And even with them sealed…his body was failing. It was only a matter of time before…

“…ugh.” A wave of nausea washes over him as he adjusts the bandages covering the cold blue eyes that see death. But he couldn’t simply let it stop him. He had a job to do, after all. So long as people looked to try to hurt Arcueid, he would be there to kill them. But for now, he simply wanders around in the night, looking for some kind of relief from the anemic pain that ravages his body. As he stumbles through the darkness of the night, he pauses as a shape makes itself present in his senses. A human, by the feel of things…but something was different about them. This person felt altogether too similar to himself. Ensuring that the illusion disguising his bandages as glasses is still in place, he approaches the person with slow, measured steps.

“…you shouldn’t be out so late. It’ll set a bad example for the students.”

That small noise of discomfort. How easy it was to hear. Her time alone in the sky would come to an end now. It appeared her whimsical wish for company had been granted. Normally the presence of another brought her irritation, but something was different with this one.

It was only as she turned to take in the sight of the youth did it come to her. His appearance was a familiar one. It had not been long ago when she was challenged on the school grounds. The courtyard having already recovered from the act but she was sure all remembered; she remembered. There was not a day that had gone by that she wondered on the boy known as Nanaya, Shiki. Someone who possessed eyes like her.

“You would be out here whether I slept or not.” She retorted with ease. Yet her voice did not hold the same bitter tone it always carried. The urge to kill was lacking as well. Though similar this was not the same boy she had met.

"Yeah, but that’s my job…I’m a security guard, after all." He opens one side of his jacket to show the badge that had been given to him when he got the job. It was a good cover for moving around, after all. "My point still stands though. It’s late, and even teachers need their rest." He walks a few feet to the side of her and tilts his head back, giving the impression that he’s looking at the stars. He could still remember every one of them, and had even stolen glances at them from time to time, between the folds of his bandages. But never for very long, in fear of setting off his anemia once again, or taking that one final step over the line between life and death.

"…of course, I can understand wanting to be out, on a night like tonight. There’s not a lot of wind, so it’s nice and quiet out. Perfect for reflection." He turns his head to the woman with a faint smile before the rest of his body follows suit and he extends a hand towards her. "I should introduce myself. I’m Tohno Shiki. It’s a pleasure."

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