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“Yeah, but that’s my job…I’m a security guard, after all.” He opens one side of his jacket to show the badge that had been given to him when he got the job. It was a good cover for moving around, after all. “My point still stands though. It’s late, and even teachers need their rest.” He walks a few feet to the side of her and tilts his head back, giving the impression that he’s looking at the stars. He could still remember every one of them, and had even stolen glances at them from time to time, between the folds of his bandages. But never for very long, in fear of setting off his anemia once again, or taking that one final step over the line between life and death.

“…of course, I can understand wanting to be out, on a night like tonight. There’s not a lot of wind, so it’s nice and quiet out. Perfect for reflection.” He turns his head to the woman with a faint smile before the rest of his body follows suit and he extends a hand towards her. “I should introduce myself. I’m Tohno Shiki. It’s a pleasure.”

Automatically her eyes went toe the badge pinned every so nicely on the inside of his jacket. That excuse alone wasn’t enough to make her want to listen to him and sleep though. “So we not only make students learn but hire them for work too.” A sarcastic remark to gro with her increasing bad mood. She wasn’t about to listen to someone younger than her on rights and wrongs. Shiki choose to come outside at night and planned to stay here.

She wondered if the claimed security guard was actually a bit lonely himself. Normally people would give their two cents in and then take leave when she ignored them. He was a persistent though.

“Reflection huh..?” In a way she was starting to do something of the sort while staring up at the night sky.

His name only proved to spark her interest more. Nanaya Shiki, Ryougi Shiki, and now Tohno Shiki. If she wasn’t mistaken this boy would also carry the same kind of eyes as her also. Three mystic eyes all drawn to the school without death. There had to be a deeper meaning behind it all that she couldn’t place her finger on. Touko had lied to her. More than one interesting thing for Shiki could be found her, but which one was it that the magus said would hold the answers she sought?

Shiki turned slowly now. Her elbows bracing up against the fence as she leaned back onto it. “Ryougi, Shiki.”

"Geez…I really wish people would stop looking down on me just because I’m younger than them. I’m 19 years old, you know." It had been three years since he’d met Arcueid. It had taken him a year to track down her castle and get to her, and he’d served as her knight for at least another two. He’d lived under the name Satsujinki that whole time, burying his past life as Tohno Shiki. He’d only come to this school and gotten this job to try and find her, but he’d taken to it quite well…in between night-patrols spent tracking down or trailing Servants or Masters, at least.

"Ryougi Shiki…the same first name? That’s a weird coincidence, don’t you think?" He scratches at his cheek as he laughs awkwardly. Something about this girl was giving him a bad feeling. Like if he would slip off his bandages, he’d be looking into a mirror. At another god of death.

Suddenly, his chest tightens, breath catching in his throat. He begins to sweat as pain fills his body, eyes widening behind the bandages sealing them. A mild anemic attack. Not serious, but enough to take the breath out of him and make his body lose strength. He leans against the nearby fence, panting softly as the pressure in his chest relents and he regains the ability to breathe. If his eyes were unsealed, he’d be able to see the lines and points on his body thicken and darken considerably as he takes one step closer to death. “Ah…sorry about that. I guess I’ve been overworking myself…”

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