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“Geez…I really wish people would stop looking down on me just because I’m younger than them. I’m 19 years old, you know.” It had been three years since he’d met Arcueid. It had taken him a year to track down her castle and get to her, and he’d served as her knight for at least another two. He’d lived under the name Satsujinki that whole time, burying his past life as Tohno Shiki. He’d only come to this school and gotten this job to try and find her, but he’d taken to it quite well…in between night-patrols spent tracking down or trailing Servants or Masters, at least.

“Ryougi Shiki…the same first name? That’s a weird coincidence, don’t you think?” He scratches at his cheek as he laughs awkwardly. Something about this girl was giving him a bad feeling. Like if he would slip off his bandages, he’d be looking into a mirror. At another god of death.

Suddenly, his chest tightens, breath catching in his throat. He begins to sweat as pain fills his body, eyes widening behind the bandages sealing them. A mild anemic attack. Not serious, but enough to take the breath out of him and make his body lose strength. He leans against the nearby fence, panting softly as the pressure in his chest relents and he regains the ability to breathe. If his eyes were unsealed, he’d be able to see the lines and points on his body thicken and darken considerably as he takes one step closer to death. “Ah…sorry about that. I guess I’ve been overworking myself…”

Despite her natural state of discomfort, she couldn’t help but smirk at his sentiment. It was always the wish of the young to stop being treated that way. In turn the old dreamed of the days when they were young. It was something of amusement for Shiki due to the fact that she’d slept through this ‘stage’ in life and failed to observe any in it either.

“You still have a way to go. Do not forsake your age.” Her words, was she trying to be playful? There was a strange comfort about this boy being both a mystery and so similar. A reason must be placed for it. Was it due to her loneliness subsiding? Never once had she met someone who felt so close to her state of being.

She would give him her full attention. The stars would just have to shine bright in the sky and pin for her love. “Tell me Tohno,” It would be best to address each other by last name alone less they grow confused. Shiki’s joy at this moment beginning to shine through as she leaned in closer to the youth.

Yet she never got a chance to speak more. As if growing any closer would cause a reaction to him he began to have a fit. Her not being one for comfort she could only stand and watch with a bit of interest. Not even her eyes were needed o see that whatever was wrong would become a killing factor with time.

It wasn’t asthma for he had barely done any exercise since meeting her here. Anemic perhaps? “Overworking how?” Normal stress would not drive someone to a near breaking point. Tohno looked more like he was doing a dance more familiar to her, with the same partner called Death.

"I have Anemia. Too much stress causes these attacks. Ah, but the world doesn’t stop just because I want it to…" It was the basic excuse. He couldn’t just come out and tell anyone about his eyes, after all. Anyone who knew about his eyes was one of two things: an ally or a target.

He straightens out a little, bringing a hand up to make sure that his bandages hadn’t been loosened by the attack. Satisfied that they hadn’t, he lowers his hand once again, making sure that the motions match that of one adjusting their glasses. The charm hiding his bandages as glasses was strong, given to him by his Sensei, but it wasn’t infallible. It only fooled the eyes, not the other senses, and if his first impression of this woman was correct then simply fooling the eyes wouldn’t be nearly enough.

"Please, try to ignore it. I’d rather not be treated like some kind of cripple because of my condition. Anyways, you were saying something, Ryougi? Did you have something to ask me?" He’d come to the same conclusion about how to address the woman before him. He gives a faint smile, ignoring the pangs of pain still filling his nerves as the last throes of the anemic attack settle and dissipate. Mild though it was, the attacks were still growing more serious by the day, and the only possible conclusion he could draw was one he had realized three years prior: the more he uses his eyes, the closer he comes to death. That is the truth of Tohno Shiki’s Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. However, the cold dark abyss awaiting him does not frighten him; the only fear he holds is the fear that his life will end without meaning or purpose. He would rather die protecting Her than in some hospital bed waiting for his life’s last few threads to break.

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    Despite her natural state of discomfort, she couldn’t help but smirk at his sentiment. It was always the wish of the...
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